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ROMAERO S.A a company for the future
S. ROMAERO strategy S.A. is to maintain and develop aerostructures manufacturing capabilities and services for maintenance and repairs, upgrades, reconfigurations of civilian and military aircraft in terms of efficiency and profitability.
A central role in implementing company strategy plays Chapter human resource primordial S. ROMAERO.
Human resources management mission is to provide trained and motivated personnel society that contribute to achieving the specific objectives of S. ROMAERO.
Human resource planning is done interrelated with financial and material resources of society.
Based on the company’s strategy they have been proposed human resources policy, aimed at the following:
Recruitment, selection and personnel levels
S. ROMAERO S.A.It aims to meet the following principles:
• Internal Notify all existing vacancies.
• To inform potential applicants in good faith, for the essential data and conditions of employment for each vacancy announced.
• Candidates • Identify based on their qualifications to fill the vacancy in question.
• To give due consideration to the fair every person invited to interview.
In the area of remuneration and motivation of staff
S. ROMAERO Policy S.A. It is to pay its employees on such a scale and in such a manner that:
•• To attract, maintain and motivate a corresponding number of employees needs
•• To stimulate employees to achieve the optimal degree of productivity.
•• Ensure production quality requirements.
•• To recognize the value of each post.
•• To allow employees to benefit the development and prosperity S. ROMAERO
•• Develop and create conditions for storing aeronautical specialists adopting a salary package.
•• Ensure adequate control of labor costs compared to other costs and revenues.
S. ROMAERO S.A.It aims to implement and maintain a payroll system and adequate payment efficiency effort and work done to facilitate employee productivity and provide stable earnings in fair proportions.
In the field of management and leadership
• •Develop an efficient distribution of staff.
•• maintain a judicious ratio between the direct productive staff and support staff.
•• To maintain highly qualified personnel in the major programs.
•• To increase the adaptability of human resources to economic changes.
•• to adopt flexible human resources, increased mobility, changing mentalities and attitudes towards work.
•• To increase the degree of individual accountability.
•• Increase efficiency by using labor productivity index improved use of working time and organizational measures.
•• To decrease the average age.
•• To capitalize on the advantage of a qualified and experienced human potential in the field of aviation.
• •Assess the company’s employees in terms of performance in the workplace and apply appropriate measures depending on the results.
In the area of personnel training and proficiency
S. ROMAERO Management S.A. He believes that the training and professional development is in the interest of society and the interests of employees, by providing in terms of quality employees as required and aeronautical legislation.
Staff training and improvement objectives are:
•• Ensuring a high level of training and a higher level of specialization, both in aeronautics and to carry out the support – is standing goal in S. ROMAERO.
•• The objectives and policies Quality S. ROMAERO
•• The requirements and standards S. ROMAERO customers, both on the production of assemblies and subassemblies, as well as part of maintenance and repairs civil and military aircraft.
•• Ensure opportunities for promotion for employees to take over key posts.
•• Ensuring retraining when necessary.
•• Management of professional skills of employees in S. ROMAERO, human resources to ensure sensitive posts.
•• Awareness of employees involved in production and aircraft maintenance and repair work on the consequences of their actions on aviation safety (human factors).
The process of professional training is conducted in accordance periodic training needs analysis of each of S. ROMAERO organizational structure, effectiveness and efficiency is assessed after each step in continuous improvement.
Employee Stress Reduction
• Define the job in a manner that provides an optimal framework occupant to exercise its powers and discernment.
• Design work so that the occupant of the post to take responsibility, sufficient authority to take part in decisions affecting them and setting targets activity that does not conflict with other objectives.
• Encoraging management to adopt higher environmental and participative leadership styles, with due regard to individual needs, the collective group as a whole.
• Encouraging team spirit so that team members support each other and the role each of them to be capitalized.
• Encouraging communication between hierarchical structures and vertical chain management, with constructive feedback to each employee.
• Delegation of decision-making authority so that employees at every level of the organization to participate in decisions that affect their work and promotion opportunities.
• Limiting complexity in procedural and other tasks.
• Ensure that employees to express their proposals, suggestions, complaints, feelings or concern about the boss, colleagues etc.
• Providing social amenities such as: medical, psychological, dining, working conditions and environment.
Aida Elena ENACHE (aida.enache@old.romaero.com)
Head of Human Resources

Victoria-Adina CĂLIN (adina.calin@old.romaero.com)
Education Head Office

George DINU (george.dinu@old.romaero.com)
Head of Human Resources, Payroll