The following work is currently carried out on the Romanian MoD C130 aircraft in Romaero’s Maintenance and Repair Organization: SP, ST structural inspection, structural repair work, SB application, upgrade from “B” to “H” verson.

– MD80, BAE-ATP, Airbus A320, BAE 146, B737, 707, 727 aircraft.

– Periodic and scheduled light and heavy maintenance including “A” to “D” decks.

– ” CPCP” corrosion prevention and control program.

– Minor and major airframe repairs.

– Aircraft conversions business/cargo/VIP.

– Cabin Interior refurbishing.

– Engine change and routine engine component checks/changes.

– Minor engine repairs for engine metallic components i.e. welding, etc.

– NDT (liquid penetrant, magnetic, Eddy currents, X-ray, ultrasonic) NAD CAP approved.

– Aircraft modifications complying with AD/SB and customer requirements.

– Landing-gear inspection and repair service.

– Aircraft weighing.

– Controls, systems, navigation and repair service.

– Aircraft painting: full painting, stripping or sanding, high-solid paint, special layout applications.

– Engine ground testing.

– IT for aircraft maintenance support.

The organization also provides approved support shops for:

a. wheels and brakes

b. batteries